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Making highly technical cycling apparel is ultimately bad for the environment. Cycling apparel has followed fast fashion into a culture of snatch and grab turnover. Here today. Landfill tomorrow.

Velocio takes responsibility for it's role in sustainable sourcing by seeking out the most environmentally responsible suppliers possible. The jersey collection is made from recycled fabrics and, increasingly, the bib short collection is following suit as raw materials allow. Velocio uses biodegradable packaging for shipping materials.

Velocio is the only cycling apparel brand that gives 1% of its revenue to environmental causes, a fact that celebrated with a special collaboration jersey with 1% for the Planet. Furthermore, it's manufacturing partner follow EU labor guidelines which oversee conditions of employment, discrimination, equal pay and the protection of pregnant workers.

Velocio Women's RECON Snap Jacket
  • €267,00
Velocio Women's Signature Bib Knicker
  • €205,00
Velocio Women's Signature Bib Short
  • €224,00
Velocio Women's Signature Jersey
  • €170,00


Velocio Women's Signature Long Sleeve
  • €175,00
  • €131,25
Velocio Women's Thermal Bib Tight
  • €248,00
Velocio Women's TRAIL Base Layer
  • €64,00
Velocio Women's TRAIL Short
  • €149,00
Velocio Women's Ultralight Hooded Jacket
  • €219,00
Velocio Women's Ultralight Jacket
  • €149,00
Velocio Women's Ultralight Rain Vest
  • €184,00
Velocio Women's Wind Vest
  • €147,00
Velocio Women’s Ultralight Vest 2021
  • €129,00
Velocio ZERO+ Bootie
  • €85,00
Velocion Men's Foundation Bib Tight
  • €189,00
Women's Halftone Ultralight Jersey
  • €129,00
Women's LUXE Bra
  • €64,00
Women's Merino 160 LS Base Layer
  • €96,00
Women's Merino 210 Long Sleeve
  • €109,00
Women's Ultralight Bib Short
  • €196,00
Women's Velocio Logo T-Shirt
  • €28,00
Women’s LUXE Bib Tight
  • €279,00